About Us

Here at Qucy Jewels we believe that it is important to live life to the full. Be who you want and don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way.

Why do we spend so much time trying to fit in when it’s much more fun standing out?

Be daring, be adventurous, be you!



Qucy Jewels Jewellery has been designed with you in mind, we are up and coming and stand out from the crowd. Our style is unique and our ethos is super trendy.

Too many people think that Luxury Designer Jewellery is too expensive for them, it is out of their budget and they don’t even bother to look and try on as they know they can’t afford it. Well, here at Qucy Jewels – we say that you are wrong!! We have cut out the middle man and want to offer you amazing Designer Jewels at a TRUE cost. A price that is real and affordable!! We want to give you the style you want, and make you look truly amazing and we want you to afford it.



QUCY JEWELS will only sell Top Quality Jewellery. EVERYTHING you see on this site is Handmade 100% Sterling Silver and UK Branded.


This site has been created so that we can offer you the best designer deals for Handmade Silver jewellery under the Lucy Quartermaine group.


Company Name – Qucy Jewels ltd

Company No. – 2571 9590

Authorized Representative – Lucy Quartermaine CEO