Drop or stud earrings? Which are your favourite for this Christmas?

Drop or stud earrings? Which are your favourite for this Christmas?


Are you looking at an array of earring styles and wondering which to choose? Whether it’s stud, hoop or drop earrings, we will help you find the perfect style for your Christmas festivities! There is still time to order your dream pair of earrings!

We love drop, hoop and stud earrings but we know that some are preferred by some ladies that aren’t by others. It is important to choose what YOU love to wear! If choosing for someone else then look at the type of person they are, classic and timeless style? Or are they daring and extravagant? This will help you to determine the perfect pair!

For drop earrings we love when they stand out from the crowd! After all they are a statement! We are obsessed with our motion wave earrings, this stunning design really catches the eye when worn making them just beautiful for that Christmas get together or day our with friends.


For hoop earrings, why not go simple and classic? You cannot go wrong with a pair of our tri collection hoops! They are a timeless design that can be worn for any occasion. A night our, a family day or going to work… they are the perfect addition to a jewellery collection.


For stud earrings, rose gold is very popular! It is a warm metal that suits all skin tones, just stunning. Our rose gold vermeil droplet studs are perfect for day or evening wear, they are set with a sparkling blue Swarovski stone to add that touch of glamour.


We have many earring style to suit any need so shop our collections now! #myqucy




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