How the value of Silver has changed

Many experts have predicted that silver could become the new gold due to the rising prices of silver. Demand for silver has increased for many reasons, including the need to make electronics and solar panels as well as home décor items and jewellery. Some experts have predicted that silver prices could rise by 15-20% in 2017. Investors in the precious metal could get an excellent long-term return by buying now.

Why value of silver is growing

One of the reasons for rising silver prices is the growing Indian demand. India has been the biggest importer of silver for the past couple of years, overtaking the United States. Two of India’s most common banknotes were made worthless by the Government, who voided them as part of efforts to beat corruption. This meant banks faced cash shortages and small businesses across the country were negatively impacted. However, it also sent gold prices soaring, with individuals flocking to transform rupees into gold, ownership of which would be limited by the Government, leaving silver as the number one precious metal on the market without ownership limits. Inflation is also set to play a big role in keeping silver prices high, with demand for the metal set to grow as the market becomes more volatile.

Buying Sterling Silver jewellery

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