One of the main things that sets Lucy Quartermaine’s collections apart from other jewellery designs is how the pieces are handmade from scratch. It’s all thanks to a unique and precise process that’s carried out from the very beginning.

Every one of Lucy’s jewellery designs starts life as a simple sketch of an idea, before it transforms into the stunning final product that’s polished to perfection. Here we take a quick look behind the scenes to show you how these silver jewellery pieces are handcrafted.

Making the mould

Each new piece starts with an idea. This gets fleshed out with sketches to form an impression of how it will eventually look. From there, Lucy begins creating an initial model out of wax. Whether it’s the size and shape of a ring or bracelet, or the unique design of an ear stud or necklace pendant, this wax model is carved by hand for absolute precision.

Many of the pieces in the Lucy Quartermaine range can consist of multiple components. This includes dangling droplets on necklaces, hinged segments of armour rings and various linking methods. The individual components are modelled, ready to create the moulds needed for the silver.

Forming the jewellery

With the mould ready, it is then filled with molten silver. This is poured into the mould and allowed to cool and set, creating the piece of jewellery. All of Lucy’s pieces are made using 925 Sterling Silver, ensuring that every item of jewellery is hard-wearing and produced to the highest quality.

Then it’s on to the polishing stage to create the smooth and fluid effect that the designs are known for. Each piece is polished by hand going through the grades tripoli to rouge, removing any roughness or fine scratches to leave a delicately smooth finish.

The finishing touches

The final piece is then hand soldered in order to attach any loose components that need to come together. A ball burnisher is used to get that long lasting shine on the piece and complete the design so it’s ready for customers to view and purchase.

It’s a long and delicate process handcrafting these pieces of silver jewellery from scratch. However, seeing the end result makes all that hard work worth it. It ensures that every individual piece demonstrates the exquisite quality and finish that customers come to expect from Lucy Quartermaine’s line of unique handmade silver jewellery designs.

‘Life is too short to wear boring jewellery’

With love,

The Lucy Quartermaine Team x

June 15, 2023